Photography Contest Entry March 2019. A True Fairy Tale by Debbie Vosejpka

Jun 30, 2020

Critique #3 A True Fairy Tale by Debbie Vosejpka

Thank you Debbie for entering this beautiful image. And thank you for being fearless and allowing your artwork to be critiqued for the entire group.
Here are some suggestions that can take your artwork and photography to the next level. I hope this critique inspires you to grow even further as an artist. FYI...most of what I am showing here can be done during the session itself. Some of it would be done in post.

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"My Muse" Photography Contest Entry March 2019. Claudia Gaimaro

Jun 30, 2020

"My Muse"
Photography Contest Entry March 2019.
Claudia Gaimaro

Critique #2 My Muse second place winner from Claudia Regina Giamaro.
As with all of my critiques, please understand that all information is only here to help you on your creative journey. Creating pictures is easy...simply point any camera at anything or anyone and press the button. Creating stunning pieces of artwork that sell is another game all together. It takes knowledge and understanding of fundamentals. I hope this and all the critiques help you raise the bar and inspire you to grow, learn and implement.

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Child and Santa Prayer Image

Jun 30, 2020

The prayer image touches the heart. It brings client to tears while having purpose and meaning.

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Milk and cookies with Santa

Jun 29, 2020

Can you imagine...milk and cookies with Santa?

Created during our latest workshop. Being able to tell a story during your session is so important. Keeping consistency is imperative. Letting your inner child be in charge...priceless.

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