$2,900.00 USD

100 SANTA'S MAGICAL GIFTS. Shipping included.


The ULTIMATE GIFT and MARKETING TOOL wrapped all into one product.

Santa's Magical Gift® was invented and developed by Larry Hersberger specifically as a gift for Santa to offer to children during his magical Santa sessions. 

The Magical Wish Book is a unique and enchanting gift, unlike anything you've ever seen. It transforms into a treasured time capsule, holding words to live by for generations to come.

When your client's child writes their wishes in the book, it magically becomes visible to the elves at the North Pole and Santa, creating a private portal for them to share thoughts and wishes, fueling their imagination.

At the end of the Wish Book, there is space for adult family members to write something they want the child to always remember. Each adult has one page only, envisioning the valuable life lessons that will be captured in this precious little book.

Once filled, this extraordinary keepsake becomes priceless, preserving the wonder of your child and the wisdom of a family, all in their own handwritten words.

This Magical Gift becomes a powerful word-of-mouth marketing tool for your studio.
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