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Have you ever wanted to capture the magic of children with Santa with your camera? Parents understand the value of showing the joy and imagination of kids in Christmas photos. Santa Claus is the perfect character of folklore to catch the wonder and innocence of precious little ones in a picture.


Santa's majestic, magical and giving appeal to kids is more than what they can feel from any digital app. Santa is part of folklore and each and every holiday season. Just like the Tooth Fairy, Ole Santa Nick has been part of every person's family childhood memories. Parents understand this connection to this jolly character of lore and the North Pole, for they felt this wonder themselves each December and throughout the year.

The story of Santa goes back hundreds of years as the character is directly connected to St. Nicholas who was an actual person who gave his riches away to others who were in need. Santa's legacy in reality is the legacy of St. Nicholas. The Santa's of today carry forward this legacy in remarkable consistency. This yearly outpouring of love, kindness and giving each Christmas season has cemented Santa into global folklore and the minds of kids around the world.


The man with the white beard in the big red suit is not an ordinary character. Most characters of folklore do not have an actual person represent them each and every year. Santa's share the love of giving and the spirit of Christmas throughout the year. The impact of Santa is far more than what happens in December or on Christmas Eve night.

Kids truly believe in Santa and his reindeer, as does the inner little one in millions of adults. These adults believe in the wonderful lessons of giving, sharing and love that can be taught to their family in their youth. They want to foster the imagination of their kids, while letting them enjoy their wonder-years. It is healthy imagination that is the inspiration of the future.

This connection society has with Santa Claus and the spirit of giving is there to represent the core goodness of mankind. When people think of youngsters and Santa, they smile and feel their own inner youth.


What parent does not want a picture of their little angel with Saint Nick? It has become tradition in many societies around the world, which in itself is proof of the depth Santa shares within global folklore. The search to catch the perfect picture of a parent's kids with the jolly old elf can be illusive. Whether on a wall, book or download, images of children with Santa Claus became part of each and every Yuletide season.

Somewhere in time, a photographer said, "Let's provide pre reserved spots and have children hop up on Santa's knee and tell him what they want for Christmas. I will be ready and snap the photo." The birth of "Santa Pics" and "The Santa Experience" came of age.

Each December, a customer would book this hopefully fun outing with kids and the making of Santa Pics would replay itself without a lot of creative diversity on the photo end. Santa Pics were simply fun holiday pics and the experience would be what it would be. Somehow this style of Santa experience stuck and would in my mind, not add to the image of majestic Saint Nick in a positive way.

Look at a Santa App today and you will not see a majestic Santa of lore. You will see that it is cute and funzy.


The "Santa Pic" portrayal of Santa Claus led to this majestic character becoming almost comical in the eyes of the public. Santa Pics were cheap and quick. They lacked creative input and poses were simple and repeatable. In most cases lighting was flat, bright and done with strobe lights to freeze the movement of a squirming 1-3 year old. The camera and the photo did not capture the magic that is Santa Claus.

Now cell phone and digital pics also began playing a role in putting Santa into a not so attractive box. Pics could be snapped with a cell phone and easily downloaded to social media. The wonder of this magical elf was starting to disappear and parents began to expect everything about Santa to be free and at their beck and call.

Santa was becoming a retail app like character and pictures were edited in ways that were not magical photos at all. The last thing we want to think of when thinking of this grand loving figure of love, kindness and giving is..."There is an app for that." The magic and wonder would be lost.

After years of poor or cheap mass images of Saint Nick on any given site, little by little, began to take the shine, magic and wonder of this majestic character. This sounds bad and in some cases it is, however the wonder and imagination with every youngster has turned this around. Santa is and forever will be wondrous to little humans. More on that and the new world of the magical photo of Santa in a bit.


What was supposed to be exciting for a reserved little one, in many cases became a nightmare and traumatic during the "Santa Pic'' experience. Think about it. The poor kid stands in a lineup seemingly forever. Mom is on her phone while the kid tries to remember what they are going to tell Santa. The toddler gets closer and closer as the anxiety builds. Then the kid is told they must sit on the strange man's lap. The red suit and big beard are daunting enough, now I have to tell him my wishes?

Just when the youngster is ready, their inner defense mechanism kicks in. The warning sign is going off. The poses will not go as expected as the kid starts to wail. The search for the perfect Santa picture is going to have to wait for another year. But what about children? This is not easy for kids who suffer this kind of anxiety while being forced into this situation. These children will just want to go back to their house and crawl under the covers. Would Santa even come to their house this year. The guilt must be tremendous.


Most adults view Santa Claus as a colorful, almost goofy character who is a man dressed in a big red suit who brings some happiness to kids in December. I am not convinced they see nor capture the magic that a young one does when Santa appears. Their inner tot believes in this magic, however many adults do not get the idea of the North Pole. They are sure to think of a flying sleigh as just a cute take on art for holiday cards or an app.   

Youngsters though, revere jolly ole Saint Nick, as to them he embodies magic and wonder. They see this jolly character of lore as a majestic, loving and giving character who can bring them toys and hugs. Santa lives at the North Pole, which is a magical place with a majestic year-round Christmas tree and flying reindeer. I mean really, of course they can capture the magic in their minds. The magic of Santa making reindeer fly should be enough, but then he can deliver toys to all good girls and boys around the world in just one night...come on...tell me you cannot feel the magic.


Proof of this wondrous connection with Santa Clause is in how kids respond to anyone who looks like Santa throughout the year. They are mesmerized and need to go talk to Santa and tell him what they want for Christmas. Santa never leaves a child's mind nor imagination.

In a crowded room of people, a youngster will spot a man who looks like Santa and yearn to connect. Saint Nicholas is magical to this little one and not just at Christmas or in December. This is the magic that happens when a profound character of folklore becomes real. Much like the Spirit of Christmas, this magic touches reality. Oh how a little one would be thrilled to have milk and cookies with Santa and sit and ask Santa questions about


Here is where things begin to change and parents play a huge role. The images an adult's inner child remembers from their childhood are wondrous. Their memory may be editing the mind's pictures over time, however these memories of Christmas are etched in awe. Like a site the adult can access over and over, a parent's inner child still wants to play and download those memories time after time.

These are very personalized memories. They are connected in ways we cannot fully understand. They create emotions more powerful than any app or computer can develop. They are stickers of a lifetime of imagination and wonder. They are the photos in your mind's eye and the house where memories reside.

For an adult, they may not want to acknowledge their inner incense, however that part of them cannot be denied. They still create magical art in full control of the parent's imagination. They are the users when it comes to happiness and add richness and color to a parent's life. Everyone has an inner child playing within them, who makes them happy.

When parents take the time to find that inner place and connect with the wonder of their youth, they will begin to understand their little ones "take" on Santa and magic. They will get it, as they actually lived this years ago. They will feel the majestic qualities and welcome the possibility of their being a big fellow, who loves milk and cookies and delivers toys while traveling the world in a sleigh.

More so, they will get the fact that folklore will always find Santa as majestic. He will always have his home in the North Pole and make a pretty significant positive impact on communities around the world. Santa will continue to visit sick toddlers and teens in hospitals and work tirelessly to make children's wishes come true.


Photos of Saint Nick have come a very long way. Today Fine Art Magical Santa photos are more than just creative editing. This stunning Christmas art is the result of the general public's desire to find happiness in their folklore and history. The art featuring precious little angels and Saint Nick is now not only majestic, it is exquisitely crafted fine art.

Photographers have embraced this with their camera and the fine art Christmas photo has arrived in the home of many families. Having started the magical fine art Santa photography movement, Larry Hersberger chose to provide personalized training to other artists and photographers. This fine art magical Santa photography is now growing exponentially and due to Mr. Hersberger's Santa Academy you can now find and get this majestic art in most countries that feature Saint Nick in their folklore.

Larry Hersberger chose to follow his own inner child in hopes that everyone would pay more attention to their own inner little ones. Larry was sure this style of art would help bring back the wonder, magic and majestic qualities to the digital age of Christmas photo art. This extraordinary season, to Larry, was more than just a pretty tree and presents with name stickers.

Larry saw Christmas through his cameras as being part of nostalgia. Christmas was more than an app to purchase things or a picture everyone would make or like on a post. Christmas featured the Saint Nick of folklore and embraced the real meaning of Christmas. It was about home, family, photos with purpose and meaning and not just a text to say happy holidays. Add to this the magic and wonder years of each and every youngster and inner child and you get the Spirit of Christmas.

This is why Larry Hersberger wanted to add Santa fine art via his camera. It was and is to bring love and joy to everyone. Fine art of folklore touches people's hearts and souls. It brings back happiness and that feeling that anything and everything is possible. And is that not just what we need today and into the future. Fine Art Magical Santa Photography in any home, is that constant reminder to all who see it, that we CAN dream and create a better tomorrow through imagination and love.


Larry wanted every photograph to be a piece of art that left the viewer feeling deeply nostalgic. Working with such a loved character as Jolly Ole Saint Nick and children made this an easy task. All he had to do was add master lighting, an incredibly real set and props to help tell the story.

Yes, the experience would be more like a play but the end work once framed, would take a viewer’s breath away. It would capture their gaze and hold it. Their imagination would soar. 

Armed with the knowledge of being an classic oil painter, master photographer and set designer, Fine Art Magical Santa portraits came to life. Larry wanted to provide more for his clients. As a professional writer he wanted each piece of art created from a session to be set to poetry to provide the infant's dream of visiting Saint Nick on the night before Christmas. 

Add to this amazing Christmas cards and the fine art line was complete. Artists, photographers and people worldwide took notice immediately. Saint Nick would retake his spot as a majestic figure of folklore and stay there. 


If you happen to get a text from Larry, reach out and talk to him about his fine art and personalized commissions. He believes in nostalgia, storytelling and also moving forward with all forms of technology for art creation and communication. If you cannot text him, he can be reached at or

Although Larry Hersberger is the originator of the Fine Art Magical Photography Style, he is also a creator and experienced portrait oil painter. You will find his oil painting work at the Masterpiece Artwork site. The feel of his work will give you insight into how he sees Santa Claus as fine art...wondrous and majestic. Choose to let your inner child come to life and you will choose to be a happier person.

If you are a photographer and want to learn more about his teachings and academy Larry Hersberger would love to hear from you. Parents in your community will be happy you have adopted this style in your artwork. And it will be more than parents who are happy, grandparents will love this artistic, storytelling and nostalgic style.


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